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Description of Flavors

Asian Fans




Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys Pistachio

Sicilian Pistachio

Fleur de Lys French Hazelnut Praline

Caramelized French Hazelnut

Fleur de Lys Macadamia Velvet

Dark Macadamia Velvet

Fleur de Lys Almond Butter

Almond Butter



Guava with nibs

Guava with Nibs


Elderflower with Tart Cherry


Bordeaux with Crystalized Rose

Bee Kiss

Bee Kiss


Gone Fishin'


Gorgeous Grapes



Dark Raspberry Heart

Dark Raspberry Velvet

Hazelnut Praline Heart

Hazelnut Praline

Passion Fruit Heart

Passion Fruit

Coconut heart




Orange flower water milk chocolate ganache

Orange Flower Water

Honey butterscotch ganache

Honey Butterscotch



Vanilla Maple Cloud

Maple Vanilla


Mint Cubed


Robin's Eggs


Salted Caramels


Starfish & Beachballs


Fresh, Real Ingredients

Chef Holly Peterson created her jewel-like FLOURISH Chocolates with an eye on style and quality. Our chocolates are filled with fabulous, unique ingredients known to help you flourish. 

Hand-crafted in small batches, Chef Peterson takes pride in using only fresh, real ingredients and never adds preservatives. Each beautiful egg has a delicate dark chocolate shell filled with a turmeric white chocolate ganache center combined with a fruit, spice or other favorite flavors.

Please enjoy our hand-made chocolates when fresh, within 2 weeks of receiving them.

Allergy Information

Peanuts/Tree Nuts

Flourish Chocolates that specifically contain peanuts and tree nuts are identified by their flavor (walnut). Our chocolates are hand-made in the same kitchen with each flavor crafted in individual batches.


Flourish Chocolates are gluten free.


All Flourish Chocolates should be considered to contain dairy.


All Flourish Chocolates contain a trace amount of soy lecithin.


Our chocolates do not contain egg products.

General Allergies

If you are allergic to any substance that can normally be found in confections, then it is likely present in Flourish Chocolates.

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